“Ask yourself whether you have earned the right to have an opinion” quote Ray Dalio, that is the first thing that comes in my mind when I talk about micromanaging.

The tendency micromanaging your staff is one of the biggest blockers on growing your business. With certainty! It is however…

Especially nowadays on the times of the scrolling walls of Facebook, a lot of super-simplified messages are being passed, a lot of slogans, that give very superficial opinions and standpoints to complex life situations.

Mostly all motivational short video clips, memes but also published successful books and superstar life coaches…

In the masterclass, we will provide you with practical tips on how to sell your products or services in Europe from the expert who has been working in the EU for the last 10 years. Which countries are highly recommended for sales and for what reasons, how to overcome obstacles and effectively generate leads? Alex Valassidis is an expert sales consultant, managing director of Vparagon, a digital sales outsourcing consultancy based in Barcelona. The masterclass is useful for your business if you either work with the EU or have plans to enter this market.

Let me start with this first. Hiring is guessing, firing is knowing. Especially when hiring salespeople is the task, things are not that easy.

It’s all about the results, not the processes. Sales is about the results only and that is why as a profession is being avoided, that is…

Alex Valassidis

I am an expert sales coach. I give no-nonsense, life and business advice FOR THE REAL WORLD. https://alexvalassidis.com/

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