Alex Valassidis

Aug 10, 2021

5 min read

Counterfactual thinking or why winning bronze is better than silver.

Counterfactual thinking and other “limiting” thinking patterns

  1. There are multiple complex data that need to be considered to achieve an objectiveness of the outcome. That is nearly impossible. Let me name you some: How exact is your value proposition with that of the competition? In which markets do you compete, and which are your objectives and the personas you are targeting? What is your budget, how mature is your solution, how much do you spend on advertising, SEO, on social media?
  2. How reliable are your sources what regards the performance of your competitors? Do you really know how much they make and with what cost?
  3. Why should the performance of your competitors define your performance? Since there are no exact data to measure on an exact environment, the achievements of your competitors are irrelevant to yours. And that goes both ways. They are irrelevant in terms of you can achieve way better than them, they are irrelevant in terms you can not achieve what they achieve because you are on a different game.